Heritage Conservation

From the beginning of its development, Algorta Norte has considered protecting the existing cultural heritage in the area as well as the remnants of saltpeter Ercilla and Camp Emerald as an important aspect, and has shown a real interest in preserving this heritage and be a contribution to the country’s history.

For preservation, these sites were closed, prohibiting the entry of any person, and signs indicating the care that must be taken for optimal preservation of these settlements were installed. Also, several talks and inductions are made to all people entering the site, in which they are educated on measures to preserve the archaeological and natural heritage found in the area.

The exploitation area was prospected and several historic objects such as arrowheads and knives were identified. These were collected and sent to two expert analysts in the area. They were also cleaned, cataloged, periods and different qualities were established. After this, they were placed in special conservation packages to be sent to Museum of Mejillones.